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    "The Lost Radeau" is the collective product of three groups-- Pepe Productions, Bateaux Below, Inc., and Whitesel Graphics. Pepe Productions, headed up by Joseph and Peter Pepe, is a company with 25 years of experience in the multi-media field. Bateaux Below, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that studies historic shipwrecks in Lake George, New York. This underwater archaeology research team is made up of six people: underwater archaeologist Joseph W. Zarzynski, historian and author Dr. Russell Bellico, underwater photographer Bob Benway, sonar and remote sensing expert Vince Capone, diver and cinematographer Terry Crandall, and diver and ship modeler John Farrell. Whitesel Graphics is the one-man operation of J.R. Whitesel who creates life-like animations that have appeared in television commercials, network television, and in documentaries. Another key person in the documentary is Kip Grant, whose resounding voice provides the narration for "The Lost Radeau." The haunting and incredible music that bestows the audio mood in the DVD documentary is by Mark Mercury (Mark Mercury's Scenescape Music Library).
    Finally, Bateaux Below, Inc. would like to thank two groups. First, a sincere "thank you" to underwater archaeologist D. Kathy Abbass, Ph.D., and the many volunteers whose sweat equity was the force to complete the archaeological study of "North America's Oldest Intact Warship." Second, Bateaux Below, Inc. wants to "thank" Pepe Productions and Whitesel Graphics. Their talent, energy, and perseverance resulted in the completion of this undertaking and thus fulfilled Bateaux Below, Inc.'s motto: "A story is not a story, until it is told!"