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The Lost Radeau

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The dramatic story of the sinking, discovery, and underwater archaeological study of the 1758 Land Tortoise radeau warship, flagship of "The Sunken Fleet of 1758"

    Lost for over two centuries, the 1758 Land Tortoise radeau shipwreck lay hidden and undisturbed in the dark depths of a cold mountain lake in present day New York state. Then 232 years later, the floating gun battery was found by curious explorers using state-of-the-art side scan sonar.
    Intact and lying in 107 ft. of water in Lake George, New York, the one-of-a-kind British and provincial warship is a well preserved icon of the French and Indian War.
Without funding to support their work, find out how sport divers and underwater archaeologists joined together to complete an archaeological study of the unique warship and help develop management strategies to preserve and protect “The Lost Radeau” shipwreck.
    Take a journey into the depths of Lake George and explore one of North America’s most unique, but little known colonial treasures—the 52 ft. long Land Tortoise radeau, a National Historic Landmark.


Bow of the Land Tortoise

      "This vessel is intact. In fact, it's really one of the few remaining military structures made of wood that’s intact of this era. This is like an original floating fort. A radeau. Completely intact. But this is an American ship. It was built by American shipwrights and has every right to make a claim as The Oldest Intact Warship in North America."
Dr. Russell Bellico
Historian and Author

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