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The following reviews have been sent to us via email from a number of those that watched "The Lost Radeau" DVD. We appreciate all feedback, if you've viewed the DVD and would like to let us know what you thought, please email us.

    "The DVD is fantastic. You and everyone involved did such a wonderful job. It was like watching something on the History Channel."

    "Everyone, even the kids, enjoyed it. You’ve got a winner!!"

    "We thoroughly enjoyed the DVD.  We found it informative, well executed and easy to understand.   We liked the graphics and the underwater shots.  The scenery was great, and the authorities were well spoken, and told their information so that the viewer could understand their facts and opinions."

    "Just finished my first viewing   ----    fantastic!  What a great production. Looks like it's ready for prime time...Makes me want to go diving in Lake George next season."

    "Fantastic job!!  I really enjoyed the DVD.  That period of American history has always been  very interesting to me.  Your DVD also explained to me, a nondiver, how your tasks were accomplished."

    "I had to let you know I am very impressed with your documentary. How educational. It is something to be very proud of. My husband watched it with me. He watches the discovery channel every night so that was right up his alley. He said to let you know what a great job you did. The local schools need a copy of that. It would be nice to see some of the children learn about our own area."


    "This viewer found it a first-rate production - interesting, first, for its raw and surprisingly vivid footage of depths the non-diving public will never see, but also for the way it tackles so many issues in a relatively short time: Recreation vs. preservation; boating tactics from the French and Indian Warl; the history of the Land Tortoise and how it was built; the evolution of Bateaux Below, Inc.; the complicated and even dangerous process of exploring a historic site 107 feet below water; even some of the issues facing a small non-profit organization that makes such a big find."
Cathy DeDe
Chronicle Arts Editor
The Chronicle
December 22, 2005

    "This engaging film tells the story of the boat and its discovery, investigation, preservation, and interpretation. State-of-the-art animation recreates the radeau as it may have been in 1758. It's a remarkable success story for underwater archaeology and a lesson for the nation."
American Archaeology
Spring 2006
Vol. 10 No. 1