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Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic Print

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   As Seen in “The Lost Radeau” Documentary…

    Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic Print for sale

    In 1994, Bateaux Below, Inc. with assistance from computer technician Kendrick B. McMahan completed a seamless photomosaic in plan view of the 1758 Land Tortoise radeau shipwreck. It was a landmark achievement and was also unique since it was the first seamless photomosaic of a shipwreck! A traditional photomosaic is a composite photograph that is made up of individual, small-area photographs that are placed side-by-side. Traditional photomosaics show the seams of each individual photograph. The Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic shows an overhead view of the Lake George radeau warship, but without the seams of the individual photographs. Two hundred photographs shot by photographer Bob Benway with technical and scuba support from Vincent J. Capone and Joseph W. Zarzynski. Following the underwater photography, computer assemblage was completed by Kendrick B. McMahan, a New Jersey-based computer expert, using a MacIntosh computer and Photoshop software. A black border and a green background were added to the photomosaic print. The underwater photography was shot in 1993 and the computer assemblage was completed in 1994. Also participating in the project were D. K. Abbass, Ph.D., Terry Crandall, John Farrell, Marcia McMahan, and Lester Ray. The total cost to produce the Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic was estimated at $36,756. That sum included a $2,500 Lake Champlain Basin Program grant and $34,256 from in kind services and donated expenses. Sweat equity in the project totaled over 900 hours. The photomosaic allows cultural resource managers to better prepare historic preservation strategies for the management of Lake George’s 1758 radeau shipwreck.

    For more information about the Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic see: The 1758 Land Tortoise Radeau Shipwreck: Creating a Seamless Photomosaic Using Off-the-Shelf Technology. By Joseph W. Zarzynski, Kendrick B. McMahan, Bob Benway, and Vincent J. Capone, In Underwater Archaeology Proceedings From the Society For Historical Archaeology Conference. Paul Forsythe Johnston, editor, Society for Historical Archaeology, Washington, D. C. (1995).

    A limited edition of the 22 in. x 32 in. photomosaic print—500 copies—were printed and numbered for sale to the public. Each print (non-framed) is signed, too, by the photographer and computer technician.

    Land Tortoise Radeau Seamless Photomosaic Print Cost is $40.00 plus $7.00 p & h plus sales tax where applicable.

    Order here. Your purchase will help support Bateaux Below, Inc.’s future underwater archaeology projects.